Uncertainty, doubt and insecurity in the future

X ray on tablet in times of COVID-19
At the beginning of the pandemic, there was talk of damage only to your lungs. Now we know better it affects your whole body. You can also get it a second time. And after a few weeks you're no longer immune to this very nasty infectious disease.

Everybody’s life on earth is definitely changing as a result of the recent pandemic. But we have to be realistic, our society has changed permanently. The most adaptive human survives and this requires technology. Unfortunately, if we look at the recent data, we still see a large increase in the number of daily infections. Partly you control it yourself partly you depend on how your class club and compatriots behave. But personally we value the value of my loved ones and for that reason we try to do all we can to prevent or immediately mitigate the risk of infection or cross-contamination.

Man wearing protective gas mask for covid,covid19 and nuclear prevention. Film look and dark tones.
Is this our vision of the future? Living with a gas mask on to make sure you don't get it. For us, this is not a desirable picture of the future, so we have gathered the smartest and most determined people on earth to secure the future for our future generations.

Meeting with friends in the pub
Do you remember this feeling? An evening at the pub with your friends without a social distance mask etc. Enjoying life and putting things into perspective while enjoying an excellent beer...

We the founders of Safe2Live want a roadmap to the future that allows us to enjoy our lives carefree. That’s exactly why we’ve put together the best technology on the planet to make sure we can return to a normal society as much as possible. The technology is used to minimize the risk of contamination. And in doing so, we ensure that our lives remain as economically balanced as possible. After all, we are all human beings and it is practically unthinkable for us to spend our entire lives wearing a mask. We are adapting and building a COVID resilient society.

We are pragmatic and solution-focused and have concretely grouped these mitigating measures into 3 products.

1) A disinfection lamp that only in 4 seconds contact time kills all viruses such as COVID19 Sars H5N1. Learn more

2) A disinfection robot that independently disinfects your home or office safely. Learn more

3) A special chemical agent sprayed into the air by atomization. This agent is harmless to humans and animals but is lethal for the viruses COVID19 Fungi and other viruses. More information will soon be available in detail. This in connection with European regulations (will be available in 2 weeks)

girl in an astronaut costume

We realise better than anyone that the cleaning profession will have to develop a completely new technological discipline. This is also the reason why we invest part of our earnings (20%) in education. This pandemic has losers. But there are also opportunities we expect to help hundreds of people find a new job. As a covidsweeper. Take a look at https://www.covidcleaners.nl/ 

For those companies that are concerned about business continuity as a result of the risk of infection. Take a look at our service in here

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