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Our team is made up of the absolute best in their field. Proven experience in developing startups with a high degree of complexity. Pure entrepreneurs who use their knowledge for tangible results for their clients. We love our work and work as one. We have one shared goal. The next satisfied customer !

Towards a new normal with Safe2Live 

The COVID Resilience Company


Patrick Curry CEO (co founder) Current activities are increasingly focused on sharing cyber security information across national, international and industry cyber organisations, leveraging best practices and standards for secure collaboration in other sectors, and counter fraud. This also links to other areas, such as crisis management through smart metering to the identification and registration of organisations and devices. Patrick is currently working with leading companies and also UK government departments to extend the national implementation of federated trust and in the coordination of cyber defence.

14 years in transatlantic and european secure collaboration and the sharing of sensitive information. To enable this, there has been a huge effort on identity management and federated trust.

Main facilitator between the US DoD and aerospace industry on the alignment of part marking standards and Unique IDentification of tangible assets to enable Total Asset Visibility. The new agreement is being implemented worldwide.

Previous military career in operational planning, equipment maintenance, procurement, information management, IT management and logistics. OBE C Eng MIET MBCS.

Current companies

Sediccii  Executive Director

Sedicii’s patented Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology allows two entities (people, organisations, devices) to prove to each other that they have the same data without the need to expose any data to each other.


Igor van Gemert CISO/CTO (co founder) 

Igor van Gemert is a smart resilience visionary guy, employing disruptive technology to create and improve high tech and high impact business models & services. His strong background in cyber security, artificial intelligence and 3D/VR/AR simulations, and excellent people skills allow him to steer complex technology driven projects and motivate his teams to excel and create ground breaking innovations.

Due to his strong technical background and his sharp creative mind, he is known for developing disruptive tech propositions and business models. He is a people’s person, a charismatic leader, emphatic and able to relate to and level with anyone and everyone.

Current companies owner / partner


Resilientshield.nl (CISO as a service) 


Willem Steenis Executive Business Development  

I am an experienced IT professional, manager and strategist with a passion for innovation, data and digital transformation. My strength lies in building vision and translating that into strategy and concrete results. With my leadership experience, theoretical frame of reference and pragmatic approach, my talent lies in resolving complex situations in which time, money and interests put the results under pressure. This challenges me and encourages me to motivate teams to overcome obstacles. My perseverance and creativity contribute to a positive result based on connection and cooperation. 

Current company

Interim professional & trusted advisor bij Himalaya Interim Management & Advies



Joline Benthem PA 

10 years of solid experience in trusted environments

We work with various partners to make our proposition possible. Basically we are a small team of 6 people who, thanks to smart agreements, can deliver the best services and products. Our domain knowledge directly creates value for our customers.

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