Covid Resilience is a completely new term that illustrates the resilience against virus related risks. This resilience can be divided into 2 domains: the physical domain and the digital domain.

Physical domain
These are all activities relating to the containment of virus-related risks in the workplace or within the private environment. This is the working area of Safe2Live BV This includes the following activities :

– Decontamination robot technology
– Disinfection using UV-C light technology
– Disinfection by non-alcoholic disinfectants via spray, atomization and disinfection geo spacial intelligence.
– Disinfection of virus particles in the lungs of patients (this is a primary medical procedure).

– COVID virus detection IOT devices and edge computing

– Determining optimal treatment plans for various environments. Think of congress centers, shops, schools, universities, public buildings but also the activities that take place here such as a concert a speech a business dinner. A risk profile is given on the activity to be undertaken. With the help of our pallet of covid mitigating measures, the risk of (cross) contamination can be reduced as much as possible.

As also indicated by several CEOs around the world. Covid is one of the many new forms of virus-related threats that have definitively changed our way of life. We therefore strive to guarantee quality as much as possible through the use of our technology.

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Digital Domain

Logically, the digital domain is relevant to create the feedback loop that provides insight into e.g. the spread of the virus within one or more business units and how this translates concretely into the effects for business continuity.

During the COVID crisis, we also worked on mitigating risks for employees in critical environments. Think of employees working in critical infrastructure security services and positions. Among other things, we realized a VOC. A Virus Operating Center in which, in analogy to a SOC Secure Operating Center, the risks of employees are made transparent in real time. This translates into the calculation of a daily virus resilience kpi that is linked to these critical teams. More information can be found at This is a completely new discipline within HRM and GRC. 

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