For a limited number of customers we offer the possibility of a COVID protection program. This involves an advisory process in which we look at to what extent our technology fits best within your organization. We use risk analysis methods like those used in the military and insurance domain. Through a thorough situation analysis we are able to advise on the best technology currently available worldwide.

Through a structured intake process, we determine together with you which risks are acceptable and which risks need to be mitigated as they pose a threat to your business continuity or an unacceptable form of risk to your personal environment.


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Limit COVID infection risk with our solutions

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If desired, we can also fully map the behaviour of your family companies or even countries in real time. Of course, we comply with the laws and regulations of each country. As a result, we are able to calculate the daily risk and based on our situational awaraness data, we are able to limit the risk on a personal and company level as much as possible.

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