Pulsed Disinfection UV


1000x stronger than Mercury or LED UV

  • This dedicated COVID 19 disinfection robot equipped with Pulse UV light can exterminate 99.9% of pathogens in 5 minutes
  • Exterminates deadly micro-organisms that causes infection
  • Hi intensity power specialized wavelength between 250 and 350 NM
  • Generates 3000 times more energy per square centimeter compared to an ultraviolet lamp
  •  You only need 5 minutes per area instead of 30 minutes compared to mercury or LED UV
  • Does not require any preheating so ideal for fast operations
  • Knowledge programs for educational institutions to train people on maintenance 
  • We deliver 5 years warrenty
  • Shipping to EMEA, USA and Asia


The smart way to disinfect your plane from COVID

Coronavirus cells infection. Virus Covid-19

We deliver smart cleaning SAAS solutions which enables operators and supervisors with actionable information like

  1. Which area’s are cleaned.
  2. A complient report is generated and bind to the specific location using legal engineering methods. Increase information quality.
  3. Smart contracts are issued and presented to the airline/service operator and facilities management.
  4. Smart notifications on several media types like whatsapp about the realtime states of the robot.
  5. Smart maintenance if one of the components needs repairs the operators are notified so the robot can be scheduled for  maintenance

One charging cycle can disinfect Airplane cabins multiple times

Perfect for scheduled operations minimizing turnaround time​

Proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses

Our system eliminates 99.99% of
bacteria and viruses. lt is highly effective at decontamination destroying the
molecular bonds that hold together
the DNA of viruses and bacteria,
including "superbugs,"
which have developed a stronger resistance to

Multifunctional Design

UV lamps assembly are a removable accessory and you can save space for storing the robot while it does not disinfect the environment. So replace it with a fogger or use it to server drinks to passengers